the other lady gaga project

TRANSFINITY TESTAMENT * Music, Gnossienne No. 1 by Eric Satie * Director, Michael Brueggmann * 2021

TOLG Script

This is not about Lady Gaga, neither a homage to her. This is ‘The Other Lady Gaga’ project. Perhaps, she’s a muse to me in naming my debut book, An Autobiography of The Other Lady Gaga (Ang Autobiografia ng Ibang Lady Gaga, published by Visprint Inc., 2015). The Other Lady Gaga is a collection of non-linear short narratives, a compilation of traditional dagli in Filipino (similar to flash fiction and vignettes). My proposed project will be an audio-visual medium using photo collage, voice recording, video clips in a poetry film-like storytelling. 

Audio Recording

Dagli is a short narrative and reciting each verse like chanting a poem, not just reading the sentences. As texts stand for sensations and the visual will enhance the perception. A voice into the visual dimensions of my reality and imagination, where I begin with a more personal, its uniqueness, and vividness.

The project is non-fiction. I fictionalized nothing but the use of language.
 The project aims to awaken and challenge the various faces of truth in its own image from book texts to video.
 The various descriptions of reality through communicative and multimedia.
The Images

In dagli, it is not necessary to cling into imagery, symbolism, emotional appeal, and other techniques that we think will enhance the work. As a micro-story form we can deviate from such a method. Limit to abstract meanings. Using a motif, whether it is obvious or subtle, it is explicitly repeated to emphasize the concrete and actual material in the narrative. 

This project will be in the POV of me, myself and I. But the reality, I, is no longer me and myself, but we every time I offer to my audience.
The difference between the general I and the particular I is as thin as the imaginary to reality.
The project will imitate a memoir or an autobiography. Comparing to these genre that narrates only what happened, dagli is not only the boundary of story-telling, but submerging down to the narrative.

I am into writing with authority. Writing is both a vocation and avocation and here comes responsibility as well as this awareness to other levels of consciousness, not only on what I want to write and truth telling but whom I am writing for.

The art of the dagli is an art of any form of literature. Genre and gender alike, are social construct.
Non-sequence or reversal of the narratives. There seemed to be crystal clear, shattered memory and fragmented emotions.
 Performativity is what the project aims to achieve. Show, tell, and act.

THE PANDEMIC AND MY PUSSY * Music, Rosas ng Digma by Danny Fabella / Guitar Cover, Sami Weng * Director, Michael Brueggmann * 2021

DER DICHTER UND DENKER * Music, Lady Gaga's Always Remember Us This Way * Director, Michael Brueggmann * 2021

DEAR SOL, DAY 29 * Music, Asin's Balita * Director, Michael Brueggmann * 2023

Framing Dagli

an autobiographical (re)writing and reclaiming

mixed-media installation
the 'unframing' collaboration

Photo courtesy, Frank Kleinbach